Marshall Adams is a collaborative pianist who loves to say yes. He was a recipient of a full ride scholarship at Eastern Arizona College that allowed him to work with the jazz band and several collegiate level choirs. During his time at EAC he mentored under the recently appointed Arizona American Choral Directors Association Collegiate Repertoire and Resources Chair, Chase Moore. Currently, Marshall serves as a collaborative pianist with Dr. Aylssa Cossey for Coro, formerly the University Singers, at the University of Arizona.  Marshall has worked as a studio accompanist for vocal and instrumental studios and as a rehearsal pianist for productions of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Little Shop of Horrors. His technical skill, musicality, and diligence have allowed him to enhance and contribute to a wide range of groups and performers. 

Marshall has always had a quiet demeanor in public but among family and friends he is known as a little bit of a jokester and an adamant ally. Some of his friends in life have had an insatiable desire for dehydrated mealworms. He thoroughly enjoyed caring for a small flock of hens as a young man. Unfortunately their time together ended as very few college dorms allow chickens, but it is a safe bet to say he will encounter those avian fairies again. On rainy days, and those days when he misses his flock, Marshall enjoys playing Tchaikovsky’s Chant Sans Paroles Op. 2 No. 3 in a sedate and dramatic fashion. He uses music to connect to the world around him and the world inside him. Marshall believes music connects people to each other and to their emotions. Collaborative piano gives him the opportunity to join with many different people in making music. Besides, there is nothing quite like a large group doing vocal warm ups at 8 in the morning.